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If you’re in the market for a new car, you have a lot of options. You could buy one of the latest models, which doesn’t have any miles on it yet. Or you could choose something used if you want to save money and don’t mind having something a little older. However, if neither option is right for you, there are also certified pre-owned vehicles. This is a particular type of used vehicle that offers some great benefits. Read on to learn if a certified pre-owned vehicle is right for you and how to get started buying one.

What Are Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles?

Certified Pre-Owned Nissan

Image by Rebecca Lane is licensed with Unsplash License

A Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicle is a type of used vehicle. The difference between a CPO and a regular used vehicle is that in order to receive certification, a used vehicle has to meet several requirements. For Nissan vehicles, these requirements include:

  • Less than six years from the original in-service date.
  • Fewer than 80,000 miles.
  • Pass an inspection of the vehicle’s history.
  • Pass a comprehensive 167-point inspection.

There is also another type of Nissan certification called Nissan Certified Select. This program also requires the two inspections but allows vehicles up to 10 years from the original in-service date and less than 100,000 miles.

When someone sells or trades in their used vehicle to a dealership, the dealership can have it inspected to see if it meets the certification standards. The dealership does this to show potential buyers that the vehicle is still in great shape.

Benefits of Buying a Certified Pre-Owned Car

Some fantastic benefits come with buying a CPO. When you get a CPO, you’re getting a vehicle that’s still relatively new. You won’t find one with many miles on it; most will have the latest innovations and features. Additionally, CPO vehicles are more affordable than newer vehicles. This can make them an excellent option for people who want a reliable newer vehicle but also want to save money.

In addition to the lower costs, CPO vehicles also come with some other perks. For example, every Nissan CPO has a limited powertrain warranty. This protects the powertrain system within the vehicle — like the engine and transmission — in the event of a breakdown. As these are often some of the more expensive repairs if you need them, having warranty protection can give you peace of mind.

The Nissan CPO program also provides roadside assistance. Should you find yourself stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire or locked out of your vehicle, you can quickly call someone to assist you. The roadside assistance program can also reimburse you for a rental car or towing costs. If you’ve ever had to deal with car troubles while you’re on the go, you know how frustrating and costly they can be. While you hope never to need roadside assistance, you’ll be glad you have it if the day comes when you do.

Finally, here at Nucar Nissan of North Attleboro, we regularly offer specials on our CPO vehicles. This means that the already affordable CPO cars, SUVs, and trucks are even easier to buy. Be sure to check out our latest specials to see what we have to offer before deciding which vehicle to get.

Value Your Trade-In Today

You may want to trade in your current ride to help offset your next one’s cost. When you trade in your vehicle, you take its value and apply it directly to the cost of the CPO vehicle of your choice. This can significantly lower your monthly payments, as you won’t need to finance as much with your auto loan.

To determine the value of your trade-in, you can use our free online tool powered by Kelly Blue Book. With this tool, all you need to do is answer a few simple questions about your car. After entering in information, such as the make, model, and number of miles, you’ll get an estimate for the value of your trade-in.

You can then bring your vehicle to us for a quick inspection. Once we verify that the information you entered is accurate, we can provide you with that amount for your vehicle. By getting an estimate of your trade-in’s value online today, you can better decide what type of CPO car or truck you can afford. Take the estimated value and enter it into our payment calculator to learn what your estimated monthly payments may look like.

Auto Financing Available

If you need a loan for your next vehicle, our Finance Center is here to help. We can help you find an auto loan that works with your budget, regardless of your credit score or credit history. Between buying an affordable CPO and our auto financing rates, you should have no trouble getting the car you want at a price you can afford. To get started, you can apply for financing right on our website and get pre-approved. For more information about Nissan-certified pre-owned financing, contact our Finance Center anytime.

Test Drive a Certified Pre-Owned Nissan

The best way to determine if a car is right for you is by taking it out for a test drive. Spend some time browsing through our current inventory of CPO vehicles. Then, when you find something you like, schedule an appointment at our dealership and let us know which models you like. When you arrive, we can take you out for a test drive so you can feel confident that this is the vehicle you want to buy.

The car-buying process couldn’t be simpler when you choose Nucar Nissan of North Attleboro. Not only do we offer numerous online tools to make researching your options easier, but our entire staff is dedicated to providing the best experience for all our customers. Don’t waste your time visiting dealerships that don’t have what you’re looking for. Get a reliable Nissan CPO vehicle from Nucar Nissan today, and you’ll be happy you did for years to come.



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